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The Deep Learning AI Playbook

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Strategy for Disruptive Artificial Intelligence

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Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence involves the interplay of Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Linguistics and Psychology. In addition to that, it is technology that can be extremely disruptive. The ramifications to society and even our own humanity will be profound. There are few subjects that are as captivating and as consequential as this. Surprisingly, there is very little that is written about this new technology in a more comprehensive and cohesive way. This book is an opinionated take on the developments of Deep Learning AI.

One question many have will be "how to apply Deep Learning AI in a business context?" Technology that is disruptive does not automatically imply that its application to valuable use cases will be apparent. For years, many people could not figure out how to monetize the World Wide Web. We are in a similar situation with Deep Learning AI. The developments may be mind-boggling but its monetization is far from being obvious. This book presents a framework to address this shortcoming.

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Preface 1

1 Introduction 5

Disruptive Artificial Intelligence 6

What is Deep Learning? 10

Tribes of Artificial Intelligence 13

Survey of the Major Players 21

2 Applications in the Wild 27

Self Driving Enterprises 27

Assistive and Generative Capabilities 30

Predicting Human Behavior 32

Machines that Teach 35

Summary 36

3 Intuition and Cognitive Bias 40

Limits of Rational Thought 40

Artificial Intuition 44

Variety of Intelligences 50

Learning using Intuition 55

Natural Stupidity 61

Weaponized AI 65

Legacy Bias 68

Summary 72

4 Deep Learning Meta Model 73

Ilities 73

Unknowable Knowns 76

Characteristics of Artificial Intuition 79

A Roadmap for Deep Learning 82

Exploitation, Exploration and Representation 87

Meta Model 92

A Reality Checklist 96

Deep Learning Limitations 98

Artificial General Intelligence 105

The Strange Loop 107

Summary 112

5 Re-imagine Enterprises 113

Introduction 113

Disruption with Learning Platforms 114

Architectures of Participation 119

Levels of Automation 122

The Responsive Corporation 125

Defensible Business Models 128

Summary 131

6 Best Practices 132

Accelerate Productivity 132

Embrace Agility 136

Understand the Development Lifecycle 139

Alchemy and Black Magic 142

Manage Technical Debt 147

Treat Data as Assets 153

Reveal Dark Data 154

Democratize your Data 155

UX Design 157

Acquire Relevant Talent 159

Humans in the Loop 160

Summary 164

7 The Deep Learning Canvas 166

Introduction 166

Jobs To Be Done 169

The Canvas 177

Case Studies 180

Summary 192

8 Contextual Adaptation 194

Biologically Inspired Architecture 195

Generalization 196

Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation 201

Loose Coupling 203

Context Entanglement 211

9 Double Exponential Progress 215

Modular Deep Learning 216

Meta Learning 224

Game Theoretic Coordination 238

Deep Teaching 245

Near Term Predictions 248

Three Dimensions of Cognition 252

Summary 258

10 Literate Machines 261

Coordinating Rationality and Intuition 263

Learning to Communicate 268

Explainability 272

AlphaGo Zero’s Self-Learning 275

Summary 282

11 Human Compatible AI 283

Jobs that are Safe 284

Temporal Impedance Mismatch 289

Decisions and Responsibility 291

A.I. Regulation 292

Seven Deadly Sins 295

Provably Beneficial AI 299

Copyright © 2017 Carlos E. Perez

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 197816310X

ISBN-13: 978-1978163102

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The Deep Learning AI Playbook

5 ratings
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